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Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since 1979

Academics at CCS

Academic Environment


CCS is a Private School committed to cultivating an academic environment that glorifies God by equipping students with deep faith and character, promoting academic excellence, and empowering students to serve.

Our curriculum and teaching methods strive to:

· Glorify God
· Build character
· Be rigorous yet tailored to the individual
· Encourage parent involvement

Though textbooks and teaching methods grow and change over time, our commitment to respect the individuality of our students remains the same. Our curriculum is varied to allow for differences in learning styles and giftedness, and we strive to provide creative assignments and multiple testing methods which allow children to see their progress.

We instruct in these subjects and more:



Language Arts





Social Studies




Physical Education

Ind. Studies

Spanish (K-12)




Community Outreach           

High School Electives

For additional information, visit our pages on Scriptural Directives, and Academic Directives.

Academic Achievement and Testing


While we recognize and celebrate that God has gifted all of our children in many and unique ways, we also acknowledge the significance of traditional academic achievement scores as one measurement of commitment, self-motivation, and growth in students.  We celebrate these milestones with our students by publishing a quarterly Honor Roll report, a Hall of Excellence report, and a Perfect Attendance report.

In addition, our students participate in the Iowa Assessment every spring as a way of helping staff and administration evaluate curriculum and teaching methods, as well as giving students and parents a good look into areas of academic strength or areas that may need extra work.