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Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since 1979



Private schools are not required to seek accreditation in the State of Idaho. As a private 501c3 religious non-profit, the CCS Board has the spiritual and fiduciary responsibility to oversee the school in keeping with the school’s mission.  The CCS Board determined that accreditation was in the best interest of the students, families, and community of the school in 2019 and began the process through the Association of Christian Teachers and Educators (ACTS), culminating in accreditation in the spring of 2021. We believe the benefits of accreditation are in keeping with our goal of maintaining academic excellence; however, we will not sacrifice CCS mission for accreditation. 

ACTS is the lead accrediting agency for Christian Center School. Their 12 industry-based accreditation standards ensure we are in compliance with local, state, and national education agencies while maintaining our Christian Worldview mission. ACTS is a long-standing member of the National Council of Private School Accreditation, which is comprised of 18 associations.  NCPSA, the second accreditation held by Christian Center School, is recognized by the Alliance of Accreditors, a consortium of accrediting agencies that collaborate in advocacy for school choice.  Cognia, the third accreditation held by Christian Center School, is most recognized by colleges and universities across the US and throughout the globe.  Through the strong relationship between ACTS and Cognia, CCS's accreditation is recognized by the US Department of State and the US Department of Homeland Security, enabling CCS to host foreign national students on campus.

CCS graduates are well-prepared to succeed in college. On annual standardized achievement testing, our students' average scores are consistently high above the national average, and CCS graduates have a history of success at numerous and varying colleges across the United States.