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Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since 1979

High School at CCS Rocks!

By attending Christian Center School, your child has the advantage of remaining in the same consistent Christian environment from Pre-K all the way through to High School graduation. No public schools and few private schools in our area offer that opportunity.

With its small class sizes, our High School provides individual attention and interaction with fun, experienced, invested teachers, in-depth discussion and creative projects, and a healthy social arena with opportunities to serve the community and mentor younger students.  

In our classes, heavily interactive teaching methods are combined with blended learning opportunities, allowing our high school students to graduate with college credit and well prepared for the rigors of the college classroom. Please refer to our Academic Directives page for more information.  Our students consistently score above grade level in the Stanford Achievement Tests, administered yearly. Visit our Alumni page to see where some of our graduates have journeyed after graduation.

It is our desire to graduate academically capable and service-oriented students who have been equipped and empowered to discover their identity in Christ, better knowing themselves in the light of His love and grace and excited to continue on the lifelong learning path.

Our High School students participate in many Activites such as Worship Team, Drama, Student Government, Spanish Trips Overseas, Community Service Projects, and Student Retreats. We also offer competitive sports teams within the Mountain Christian League.

We invite you to call to set up a time to visit our classes or speak with either CCS High School homeroom teacher with any questions you may have about the advantages of High School at CCS.