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Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since 1979

Welcome to Junior High!

Junior High at CCS is designed to help 7th and 8th grade students transition successfully to the demands and responsibilities of high school.  Students learn to work with several different teachers, learn organizational and time-management skills, and relate to their peers in a fun and wholesome setting.  Curriculum is geared toward hands-on experiential learning which recognizes and develops students’ individual gifts and abilities and draws on the natural energy and enthusiasm of this age group.

Generally, class sizes are limited to approximately 15 in each grade, giving students lots of individual attention from their homeroom teachers.  In addition, students move to other areas of the building to attend classes such as Math, History, Science, Spanish, Art and others with subject specific teachers, offering students variety in teaching styles and environments during the day.

For more information, see our pages on Scriptural Directives and Academic Directives