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Stanford Achievement Test Scores

Academic Testing - Stanford Achievement Test


While we recognize and celebrate that God has gifted all of our children in many and unique ways, we also acknowlege the significance of traditional academic achievement scores as one measurement of commitment, self-motivation, and growth in students. 

To this end, our students participate in the Stanford Achievement Test every spring as a way of helping staff and administration evaluate curriculum and teaching methods, as well as giving students and parents a good look into areas of academic strength or areas that may need extra work.



1 74 2.5
2 66 3.6
3 90 8.7
4 82 8.9
5 79 9.4
6 87 12.0
7 75 10.3
8 78 11.6
9 61 10.7
10 73 10.5
11 81 Post High School
12 80 Post High School
Average NPR: 77.1
National Percentile Rank*  National percentile rank represents a nationwide grouping of students into ranks from one (the lowest) to 99 (the highest), the 50th percentile being average.
Median Grade Equivalent**  Median grade equivalents are scores based on the performance of students in the test's norming group. The grade equivalent represents the grade level and month of the typical (median) score for students at the time the test is administered.