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Drama Club




Mary E Hanks has been writing and imagining stories for as long as she can remember. Her desire to become a director started in 1984 when she was working in a small school in Alaska and watched a much larger school put on a full-stage production. She left that high school with one thought—could a small school (like the one she was working in) put on a large production?

The next year she discovered the answer was YES! With tight budgeting and loads of enthusiasm, she had the time of her life directing her first musical. It wasn't long until Mary wanted to see her own stories come to life onstage.

Today, some twenty years later, (but who's counting) she's learned the ins and outs of small theater, low budgets, fund-raising for a great cause, and the love of seeing her words brought to life onstage. Mary has written and directed 17 full-stage plays for high school, junior high, and young adult theater (besides directing 5 others). Ten of those were plays Mary has written and directed for CCS.