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Girl's Basketball

Champions in more ways than one!


If you were to look back on the CCS basketball season, you would notice one thing, this was the best year in it's history! The Girls and the Guys Teams took 1st Place in the League Tournament, something only done once before in the history of the League! 

When coach, Derek Sovereign, rallied the team at the first practice of the season, no one knew exactly what was running through his head, but one thing he would tell you is that he was not expecting what became of them this season. From the very first to the very last game his girls played their hearts out and won the love and respect of many. They not only built a strong team on and off the court, but, it would be safe to say, they formed relationships over the last three months that will last a lifetime.

The girls’ basketball team plays hard every season. They brought home the gold ball, a prized trophy in every MCL team’s eyes, and placed first in the MCL tournament.


“Some may say that we should have won the championship, and that losing will be the biggest regret of the season, but I can’t see it that way. This was the best season I could have asked for! We had an amazingly fun, undefeated season all the way to the championship game.  Even though we didn’t bring home that first place trophy, we all know that we wouldn’t trade this memory for anything. This year is one that will forever hold its special place in my heart".            

 ~ Senior Bethany Harryman


Lady Lions

2010 - 2011

This is another exciting year for CCS Lady Lions' basketball.  We had a fantastic season last year, and we're excited to have this year following suit.  In the 2010-2011 season, the Lady Lions went 8-4 in the Mountain Christian League to finish 3rd in regular season.  In 2011-2012, we hope to build upon the foundation of last year.  The focus has always been to play wholeheartedly as to the Lord, and to work together as a unit; one body made up of many parts.

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Girls Basketball - Varsity and Jr. High

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