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Ann Marshall

Annie Marshall
Annie Marshall
7th Grade Teacher
Groups: Homeroom Teacher
Employed Since: 9/8/2015
4 Years Experience At School

At a very young age, God had planted the call within my heart to be a teacher.  I studied classical piano for 10 years starting at the age of 6;  and in 1999,  I stepped into my first accompanist staff position at a church when I was 17 years old.   In 2005, I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in English Education and Creative Writing.  During these years, the Lord continued to draw my path and heart into music ministry.  By the time I graduated, in addition to getting married and becoming a mother, I’d had the joy of participating in the NAU’s Campus Crusade for Christ’s worship ministry and taking on my first position as a worship leader at a local church.   In 2006, I stepped back from the English classroom for several years to raise my growing family.  From that time until the present, I have been incredibly blessed to continue in my ministry calling through band leading, children’s music ministry, ArtSmarts summer camps, and congregational worship leading. As educators,  we are called to be life long learners.  As worship leaders, I firmly believe that we are called to excellence in our craft in the same way Levitical musicians dedicated their lives to their calling. The truest gift came in 2012 when I became ill with a devastating case of neurologic lyme disease.  During the following years of disease, treatment and healing, the Lord used this time to teach my heart about the true meaning of worship.   Subsequently, He privileged me with the opportunity to shine His light into the children of CCS when I took on the position of music  teacher in 2015.  I praise Him on a daily basis for His faithfulness, and am honored to have the opportunity to not only teach these precious children about gift of music, but more importantly about the God who created it.