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BBQ Kickoff

October 14, 2015
By Administrator

After our Kick-Off BBQ on August 31st, I had some great conversations with many of you.  Several times during these conversations, you asked great questions regarding meaty subjects which really warranted longer explanations and discussion. To meet that need, we are going to host a monthly Parent Forum to give us the opportunity as a school community to dive into the following subjects in more depth:

Preparing for College – Why CCS doesn’t need accreditation to be College Prep and practical advice on how student’s can afford even expensive private universities through scholarships.

How CCS is Biblically discipling our students to love God and equipping them to serve their community and world for God’s glory?

What is Differentiated Instruction and how does CCS use it to create individual academic excellence?

How can we grow our numbers to build for the future while keeping our family community?

How does the CCS Board view Common Core?

Why is it important that our students learn to serve rather than be served?

Most months CCS will host an evening Parent Forum on the 3rd Monday of the month from 6:30-8:00 to discuss one of these topics. We hope that you will watch your calendar for topics that interest you and choose to come join the conversation.

In addition, this Cat Chat section of the CCS website will also provide a place where we can share topics of interest with you and open a dialogue.  Some of these topics will be spiritual and some academic.  Most will not be specifically political or sectarian. Please check back regularly and see what we are “chatting” about.

Julie Yetter