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What is Dual Credit?

October 07, 2019
By Julie Yetter

What is Dual Credit?  Should my child take dual credit classes?

Technically the term “dual credit” refers to any simultaneous enrollment to two academic programs at one time.  This could be a student enrolled in both a homeschool program and brick and mortar school simultaneously, or a private school and public school simultaneously; however, while you will hear the term used that way it more often refers to a high school student that is simultaneously enrolled in both a high school program and a college program and is gaining credits from both academic programs at the same time.  Students are killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.  The obvious benefit of this dual enrollment is that they are fulfilling their graduation requirements for a high school diploma at the same time as getting a head start on the graduation requirements they will have for an associates or bachelor’s degree in college.

Christian Center School (CCS) encourages dual enrollment for upper classmen and does so through the sequence of the courses we offer in our college prep program, as well as with our daily schedule for upper classmen.  Most dual credit opportunities at the college level require that students be 16 and/or a junior in high school to qualify.  This is the case with North Idaho College (NIC) and the other Idaho state schools.  They must also already have a 3.0 GPA.  CCS prepares students to qualify for this opportunity by working with students to achieve high scores in college preparatory coursework as a prerequisite for their dual enrollment.

One of the financial benefits of dual enrollment is the discount given for dual enrollment in college level courses.  The discount is generally half of the normal per credit cost associated with the course.  CCS students, therefore, can cut the costs of their college financial burden by dual enrolling.  However, because CCS is a private school, we do not have access the additional funding the State of Idaho gives for dual enrollment tuition; we encourage parents as tax payers to make their opinions regarding this inequity known to their state legislators.

CCS offers dual credit opportunities through NIC, as well as other Idaho schools through online IDLA classes, and is partnering with Christian colleges to do the same.  If you are interested in more information regarding specific dual enrollment options, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Dani Redican.