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Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since 1979


At CCS we strive to foster an environment which cultivates family, relationships, individuality and a sense of God's purpose in our lives. 

We recognize that, while our school community may be made up of children from Christian families who share the same basic tenets of the Christian faith, our individual students may not yet have made that personal commitment. Therefore, according to Matthew 28:16-20 and Mark 16:14-18, we are going to them with the gospel of Jesus Christ regurarly and intentionally. We see it as our Mission to cultivate faith in them through their experiences here at CCS. Our Mission statement communicates "how" we believe we can best nurture that faith. Our Mission is to provide individual academic excellence in a family environment to biblically equip students to serve their community and world for God's glory. 

By seeing each child as a unique individual created by God for His glory, we do not see our students as smart or dumb, weak or strong, but as specially designed. It is our job to provide them with learning opportunities to recognize their uniqueness and inspire them to reach for their potential. This can only be done in the safe environment of a family. We celebrate student achievement and treat failure as a First Attempt In Learning. It is not important if they fall down, but that they get up and try again. We see this as Jesus' example to us in how he discipled and we seek to follow his pattern.