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Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since 1979

Parent Involvement

We love Parent Involvement with Service Hours!

Parent Servce Hours (formerly PIC) are a key to CCS's success. Studies report and our experience has shown that parents who are involved are more informed about  their child's performance; they know their child's peer group and are better able to influence a more positive educational experience.

As a CCS parent, you are automatically involved with Service Hours. Each family with children in grades 1 through 12 is required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of volunteer service to CCS (6 hrs. for Preschool only families and 12 hrs. for families with only a Kindergartener enrolled). These can be fulfilled in a variety of ways including chaperoning field trips, lunchroom monitoring, coaching, administrative help, event coordinating, fundraising, etc.  Parents record their service hours on ParentsWeb, where a record of Service Hour involvement is maintained. If a family chooses, they may pay instead of spend the time (to be billed half at mid year and half at the end of the school year). See CCS Handbook, p10. While we appreciate the payment, we much prefer parents to fulfill their commitment with time -- we'd rather get to know YOU!


Other ways to be involved:

Classroom Aides:

Parents who fill a regular staff position as a classroom aide one day a week receive a lower tuition rate. These positions are filled as needed.  Classroom aide work hours are typically 8:00am to 4:00pm on their assigned day. Because CCS cannot provide babysitting service at the school, children are not allowed to accompany parent aides.  If an aide needs to miss their assigned day, they are responsible to arrange for their own qualified substitutes and communicate these arrangements with their supervisor.